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Gold Affiliate Package
  Quantity in Basket: None
Code: A0001
Price: $350.00

As a CDP Affiliate Gold Member:

1. For each CDP product purchased that is credited to your account, you will earn 50% of the sales price.

2. We will give you copies of all our affiliate "shareware" and "demoware" software programs that are customized with your link information built in. You can then freely distribute these programs to potential customers by email, download links, or on CD. These shareware/demoware programs have limited features and are good for a short period of time, allowing the user to evaluate them, and then lock up. If the user decides to keep using a program, they can click the on-line registration button in the program or print out the order form to purchase the program. Either way since your link information is built into the programs, you will receive credit for the purchase.

3. You will get a full working copy of our Classified Tracker program (a $295.95 value) for your personal use to help you promote your products. Advertising is a very important and vital part of all successful businesses. Without constant advertising, a business will not grow. And the business that does not grow will die! The Classified Tracker has over 2,700 sites that you can immediately post ads to. Even the most experienced Internet surfers and site hunters would take weeks to months to compile this list of sites. And most of these sites allow you to place FREE classified ads! These free ad sites provide a great method to try different ad copies you create to see which ad pulls in the best and most leads. Advertise not only our products, but any other product or service you offer.

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