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Classified Tracker
Classified Tracker Quantity in Basket: None
Code: S0009
Price: $95.95
Special: $95.95, Normally $295.95

ďA business man awakes from sleeping on his advertised mattress, showers with advertised soap, shaves with an advertised razor, puts on advertised clothes, drinks a cup of advertised coffee, drives his advertised car to his business, which is failing because he believes that advertising doesn't work. He then advertises his business for sale when it is about to go under.Ē

Advertising is a very important and vital part of all successful businesses.  Without constant advertising, a business will not grow.  And the business that does not grow, will die! 

The Electronic Classified Trackerô is and advertising tracking program designed with the belief that classified ads should be approached as a means to acquire leads, not necessarily make a direct sale.   If a classified ad does directly make a sale, thatís GREAT!  However, in the real world this is not very common.  The idea of classified ads is to entice leads to visit your web site, come by your store, request more information by E-mail, call a phone number, etc.  You can then use the many resources and skills at your disposal to close the deal.

The problem with advertising is that for the average entrepreneur, small business, or work from home adventurist, advertising can be time consuming and very expensive!  While large companies have huge advertising "war chests" and experts on staff to tackle this problem and can afford hit and miss advertising to see which ads and/or products work the best, most small and home-based businesses do not. 

What you can expect once you purchase The Electronic Classified Trackerô :

1. Within 24 hours you will receive an email with a link so you can download and install the latest version of our program.

2. Once you install the program, you will be asked to register (activate) the program when you first launch it to get your product key. We apologize for this inconvenience, but software piracy is a crime that affects us all. Through email, you will receive your product key.  Once you enter your product key and click to store the product key, you will be asked to accept the license agreement.  The program will then be tied to the computer it is installed on.

3. After you accept the license agreement, the help screen will come up. It explains how the program works.

4. After you click the Continue button on the Title Screen, you will be taken to the Post Ads screen. In the lower right is an option called Show Posting Steps.  This option will walk you through the 12 steps of creating and posting ads.

5. Once you start using The Electronic Classified Trackerô you will find:

  • OVER 2,700 AD SITES that you can immediately post ads to. Even the most experienced Internet surfers and site hunters would take weeks to months of aggressive work to compile this list of valuable sites. And most of these sites allow you to place FREE classified ads! These free ad sites provide a great method to try different ad copies you create to see which ad pulls in the best and most leads. 
  • OVER 40 TOP AUCTION SITES you can post and track products you want to directly sell.
  • 50 TOP SEARCH ENGINE SITES you can submit your web site to in order to significantly increase its exposure!
  • 50 TOP RATED NEWSPAPERS to post to. You can also add your own local newspapers and radio or TV stations to the program which provide the perfect niche for your particular product or service.  Use The Electronic Classified Trackerô with all its tracking and analyzing features to keep on top of the results.
  • A CLASSIFIED ADS MODULE that allows you to add and edit your classified ads. It is designed to allow you to concentrate solely on creating your ad copy. 
  • WRITING CLASSIFIED AD TIPS report which gives advice and tips on how to write winning classified ads. We also talk about developing a powerful "follow-up" campaign which is key to the success of any advertising campaign.
  • FOLLOW-UP LEADS MODULE to help you determine which classified ads are working and to insure that no follow-up lead ever falls between the cracks again. There is even an option to print or email preset letters that help you stay in contact with your leads.  Use or modify one of the letters or create your own.
  • VARIOUS SEARCH, FILTER, REPORT, AND CHART OPTIONS to quickly view and analyze your information to keep on top of it all.
  • SHOW POSTING STEPS INTERFACE to be walked through step by step how to create and post your ads.
  • HELP FEATURE That clearly explains all the parts of the program. 

*This program is delivered electronically via a download link within 24 hours

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All Rights Reserved

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